24-48-72, a classic of the military wardrobe,  used by aviators to carry their helmets, so it must be comfortable and indestructible .. unisex design, deconstructed and soft, to be worn over the shoulder or on the arm with the two handles, has two capacious external pockets.
Available in three sizes, 24 hours for computer and diary; 48 hours for the gym kit; and 72 hours for weekends. Hence the name 24-48-72. Made of python or eel and the interiors with fabrics chosen  by the customer.

Laundry, the comfortable, practical and versatile bag: without zip and closures, it is an XXL size bag  - inspired by the electric blue ones of Ikea - which can be filled and emptied, even while watching a movie!
In fact, being very roomy, soft, and completely open, it is perfect for luggage packed at the speed of light, without having to give  up anything. Made of eel, unisex, very light, delicate to the touch, it is internally doubled with non-tear military sheets, which make it indestructible.